The Secrets to Japanese Cooking by Shihoko Ura

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The Secrets to Japanese Cooking: Use the Power of Fermented Ingredients to Create Authentic Flavors at Home by Shihoko Ura, Elizabeth McClelland
English | 2019 | Non-Fiction > Food & Drink | ePUB | 187.7 MB

Make Traditional & Contemporary Japanese Dishes with Powerful, Umami-Rich Flavor
Mother and daughter Shihoko Ura and Elizabeth McClelland, founders of the blog Chopstick Chronicles, reveal the key to amazing Japanese cooking―fermenting your own miso, amazake and more.
Sweet, salty, tangy and rich, these ingredients add subtle layers of flavor to dishes like Ultimate Miso Ramen, Vibrant Rainbow Roll Sushi and Japanese Curry with Summer Vegetables and Natto. It’s easy to enjoy the health benefits of fermented foods, known for aiding digestion and boosting the immune system, with fun recipes like Amazake Bubble Tea and Super Simple Shio Koji–Pickled Cucumbers.
This book makes achieving Japanese flavors so simple, these fermented ingredients will quickly become staples in your pantry. From multicourse dinners to sweet-salty desserts and refreshing drinks, find out what elevates everyday Japanese dishes to unforgettable classics.

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