The Shallows by Matt Goldman

The Shallows

The Shallows (Nils Shapiro Book 3) by Matt Goldman
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.3 Mb

The Shallows : A prominent lawyer is found dead, tied to his own dock by a fishing stringer through his jaw, and everyone wants private detective Nils Shapiro to protect them from suspicion: The unfaithful widow. Her artist boyfriend. The lawyer’s firm. A polarizing congressional candidate. A rudderless suburban police department. Even the FBI.

Nils and his investigative partners illuminate a sticky web of secrets and deceit that draws national attention. But finding the web doesn’t prevent Nils from getting caught in it. Just when his safety is most in peril, his personal life takes an unexpected twist, facing its own snarl of surprise and deception.

“She looked at me again. High cheekbones seemed to push up the bottoms of her eyes, elongating them into something Asian. But she wasn’t Asian. Just a dark-haired Jewish woman who’d received a perfect complement of Semitic genes. If anything, she looked like a model who was supposed to pass for Native American while wearing something made of calfskin and fringe by Ralph Lauren.

“Todd was home last night,” said Robin. “We ate dinner, then he worked in his study for a couple hours. I went into the bedroom to read. I fell asleep early, but I woke when he came in.”

“Do you know what time that was?”

“A little after ten thirty. Then I woke up again around two, and Todd was gone. I didn’t think anything of it. But I heard a motorboat on the lake, which is unusual after midnight. Then I heard a bang, like a gunshot. I told myself the motor just backfired, but something felt wrong. So I left the bedroom to look for Todd. He wasn’t anywhere in the house.”

Robin walked over to the screen, and looked out on the lake. She wore old jeans and a white gauze top. “Sometimes when Todd can’t sleep, he takes out his rowing shell…” She paused. “… took out his rowing shell.” She walked back toward me. Her neck looked longer than her head. She didn’t wear a necklace. A necklace would have wrecked everything. She said, “Todd liked to row when the water was glass. So I walked down to the dock to see if his shell was there.” Robin spoke evenly and in a matter-of-fact tone. “That’s when I found him.” She shook her head as if discovering her husband dead was more of an inconvenience than a tragedy.

I said, “What were you wearing when you tried to get your husband out of the water?”

“Excuse me?” said Robin.”

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