The Ship Whisperer by Julie Nováková

The Ship Whisperer

The Ship Whisperer by Julie Nováková
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Mysteries buried under ice older than the Earth. Impossible planets. Mazes of animal minds and emotions. Art striking much too close to life. The perils of immortality. Worlds we can enter by asking the timeless “what if”…

From near-future Earth to the far reaches of the universe, stories by award-winning author Julie Nováková amaze, astound and bewilder. Nováková ingeniously examines the nature of humanity, merging with machines or animals, and deep space exploration. Cerebral, awe-inspiring and uncanny.

The book includes stories previously published in Analog, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld and other venues, as well as a brand new SF mystery novelette.

A bright flash blinded her for a moment, and a staccato of bright beams followed. No time to think about that. No time to prepare for the sound.

It threw her away like a punch in the chest. Her limbs flailed around her. She felt as if air was knocked out of her lungs. Her chest and stomach hurt badly. She couldn’t breathe. And the lights were still there, burying themselves into her skull…

Dazzlers and an ultrasonic pulse, some calculating part of her mind said. Shouldn’t cause permanent damage, only stun or injure. Get it together.

She kicked away before another cavitation could hit her. Only then she turned and looked back, grasping the underwater gun on her belt, though wary of using it.

But it was no longer necessary.

“Disabled it,” Iku’s voice sounded in her ears for the first time during the dive. Stealth didn’t matter anymore, and they would need to use the transceivers soon anyway.

She looked around. “Hector?”

She didn’t see him. Nor did she hear any reply. She was about to call him again, when Iku spoke: “He’s alive.”

Something in his tone made her shiver inwardly.

Iku moved smoothly, shark-like, toward a dark silhouette barely visible in the silt. She glimpsed him link his suit’s computer to Hector’s. As she swam nearer, she could see him activate the adrenaline pump in Hector’s suit.

The dark silhouette moved, and Mariana heard a sharp intake of breath in the comms. “W-what happened?”

“Dazzler and cavitation,” Iku said. “You’ll come to. Let’s do it.”

Mariana would have liked to see whether Hector was okay, but Iku was right; there was little time. They had to get in, and Hector Hodges, a disgruntled former Augur employee wishing to take revenge accompanied ideally by large sums of money, was necessary to manage it quickly.

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