The Shoggoth Who Loved Me by K. X. Douglas

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The Shoggoth Who Loved Me by K. X. Douglas
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 1.3 MB

What does it mean to love?

Peter Nelson is a shoggoth, a shapeshifting creature bio-engineered by humanity’s ancestors as a beast of burden. But humanity’s ancestors are long gone, and Peter has since began living as a human in Canada with his adoptive parents.

Now convincingly eighteen years of age, he is set to begin attending Summerfield Academy, a local community college. He moves into the dormitory and starts making new friends. But why does he keep falling into suggestive situations with his coeds?

Meanwhile, people in the area are vanishing or turning up dead under mysterious circumstances, and Peter finds himself compelled to investigate. But can he keep his new friends safe while protecting humanity as a whole from the myriad horrors of the cosmos?

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