The Silence by Kendra Elliot

 The Silence

The Silence (Columbia River #2) by Kendra Elliot
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

An Amazon #1 selling author, Kendra Elliot has sold over 3.5 million books. She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her husband, three daughters, two cats, and a Pomeranian. She’s fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops.

A man is savagely murdered outside Portland, and Detective Mason Callahan finds blood-spatter evidence that tells a troubling story. Files reveal the murder victim, Reuben Braswell, was a radical conspiracist. In his home, investigators find pages of diatribes against law enforcement as well as ties to Mason’s fiancée, FBI special agent Ava McLane. The victim was her informant—and had strong reasons to be paranoid.
To Ava, Braswell’s rants were those of a wearying and harmless man…until they collide with her investigation into the murders of police officers and finding the connection becomes urgent. Meanwhile, Braswell’s brother and Ava’s twin sister both disappear, and disturbing acts of sabotage target Ava’s personal life.
For Mason and Ava, the brutal crimes and escalating mysteries create a perfect storm for a terrorist conspiracy that becomes dangerously personal—one that has yet to claim its last victim.

FBI special agent Ava McLane downed the last of her coffee and put the mug in the dishwasher, the new appliance triggering a smile. When do I stop feeling giddy about appliances? The stainless-steel dishwasher matched her new six-burner stove and wide commercial refrigerator. She and Mason had been without a kitchen for nearly four months as contractors ripped out the 1980s-style kitchen and then discovered problem after problem. The plumbing. The electrical. The dry rot.

The old Tudor home they’d purchased last year had turned into a money pit. Issues in the kitchen were just the beginning of problems found throughout the entire home. How it had passed inspection, she didn’t know. Mason had wanted to hunt down the inspector, but Ava had reminded him that this was the home they’d fallen in love with and would have bought no matter what the inspection returned. He’d grumpily acquiesced and sent another payment to their contractor.

She would smile all she wanted at appliances. Remodels were hell.

Ava had worked from home that morning, finishing up reports on the case she’d closed the previous week, and had promised her supervisor, Ben, she’d be in the office by noon. She checked the time and grabbed her bag as Bingo whined. She spun to give the dog a goodbye hug and stopped. He was utterly still, his attention directed at the front door.

The doorbell rang, and Bingo uttered a low woof of warning.

“Good boy.” Ava gave him a head rub. He was an excellent watchdog, knowing with no training—at least no training from her or Mason—when to sound the alarm and when to stay quiet. More than a year ago, the stray had chosen Mason as his person and become a permanent part of the household.

Ava looked through the peephole in the front door. She could have used her phone to check the front-porch camera of the high-tech security system Mason had installed, but the old-fashioned way was quicker.

The man on her porch appeared to be in his twenties. His hands were shoved in the front pockets of his cargo shorts, and he stood several feet back from the door, leaving plenty of space between himself and whoever would answer. Flip-flops and a snug T-shirt completed his look, but he didn’t appear scruffy. His hair was short and his goatee neatly trimmed.

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