The Silversmith’s Daughter by Annie Murray

The Silversmith's Daughter

The Silversmith’s Daughter (Sisters of Gold Book 2) by Annie Murray
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 1.7 Mb

The Silversmith’s Daughter :It is 1915 and Daisy Tallis, headstrong, impassioned and a talented young silversmith, is desperate to make her parents proud. Her father, Philip – with his wife Margaret – has a thriving business next door to Ebenezer Watts’ goldsmiths and the two families are considered to be at the very heart of Birmingham’s jewellery quarter community.

Having studied at the city’s celebrated School of Jewellery and Silversmithing since the age of fourteen, Daisy is now skilled enough to be a teacher. It is at the school that she meets the notorious old rival of her father, James Carson. Though he’s a married man, beautiful but naive Daisy finds herself dangerously drawn to his flattery.

As war tightens its grip on the country, the jewellery quarter is thrown into turmoil as the men are forced to decide who will enlist. When tragedy strikes can Margaret and Daisy find what it takes to hold both the business and the family together?

The Silversmith’s Daughter is the emotional sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller Sisters of Gold by Annie Murray.

” reckoned one star would have to do,’ Eb said. Caleb Turner the die sinker, who now worked upstairs, had designed a beautiful star about three-quarters of an inch across, with a thin line cut just inside all the way round and echoing the shape – and the star lapel badge was born. ‘And then there’s this other model with one star and a little one attached to it – see?’ He picked up a blank that was lying on the table.

‘It’s not doing as well as the horseshoe,’ Georgie admitted. ‘They got the papers advertising it and everything – but badges and buttons are the way forward. Jack’s doing a roaring trade for the army.’ He nodded towards the ceiling, to the room where Jack Sidwell had his enamelling business.

‘He can barely keep up,’ Bridget said. ‘They’re just pouring them out. He’s hardly got time to breathe.’

Margaret stood amid the chatter, wondering whether she and Philip should not have thought of producing something similar when the war started, as trade had shrunk back so much. Daisy had been talking about the MIZPAH jewellery, even designing things, though not having been brought up in a religious household, she had to ask Margaret what the word meant.”

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