The Sisterhood by A. J. Grainger

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood by A. J. Grainger
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB | 2.5 Mb

The Sisterhood : Seventeen-year-old Lil’s heart was broken when her sister Mella disappeared. There’s been no trace or sighting of her since she vanished, so when Lil sees a girl lying in the road near her house she thinks for a heart-stopping moment that it’s Mella.

The girl is injured and disorientated and Lil has no choice but to take her home, even though she knows something’s not right. The girl claims she’s from a peaceful community called The Sisterhood of the Light, but why then does she have strange marks down her arms, and what—or who—is she running from?

“After one week Lil had stopped taking the pills. Why should she have a peaceful night when who knew where Mella was? Who knew what she was doing, whom she was with, if she was even still alive? Lil cut off that last thought with a gasp. Mella was alive. Mella was coming home. Lil had to believe that or else . . . She couldn’t even consider the alternative.

Lil’s clock radio beeped the hour. “This is Capital FM Cymru, and the time is one o’clock on Saturday, the eighth of July. Flood warnings are in place across much of North Wales this afternoon as unseasonably bad storms continue to batter the country—”

Lil jerked out of her chair and turned the volume down. She had to meet Kiran at the kayaking clubhouse in an hour, and she was going to be late if she didn’t get a move on. She tugged her long hair, dyed unicorn purple this week—Lil’s natural color was as close to mouse as you could get without actually being one—back into a ponytail. She was going kayaking, so there was no point showering, but after a quick sniff of her armpits, she sprayed another long blast of deodorant into each one. Then she pulled on her goat T-shirt—the one Mella had bought her a few birthdays ago, the one with the words “Here’s looking at you, kid” and a picture of a fluffy baby goat on it—and took her gray tracksuit bottoms from the drawer.”

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