The Sky Thieves by Jason Kasper

The Sky Thieves

The Sky Thieves by Jason Kasper (Spider Heist Thrillers Book 2)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.1 Mb

Jason Kasper is the international bestselling author of the David Rivers series. He served in the United States Army for fifteen years, beginning as a Ranger private in 2001 and ending as a Special Forces captain and team commander in 2016.

For former FBI-agent-turned-thief Blair Morgan, the world’s most unbreakable vault is her most irresistible target.
Blair Morgan has embraced her second career—as an elite thief.
Her heist crew has set their sights on their latest target: the Sierra Diamond, an 872-carat stone worth $27.3 million. It will be encased in a new vault known as the Sky Safe, a revolutionary strong room built into the side of a Los Angeles high rise.
The FBI says the Sky Safe is impenetrable. Naturally, Blair and her crew think otherwise…and if they succeed, it will be the greatest heist ever pulled.
But Blair’s corrupt former boss at the FBI has other plans. He knows Blair will be coming for the diamond and intends to catch her in the act…along with her entire team.
As a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse unfolds over the streets of downtown LA, Blair must go head-to-head against the most cunning adversary from her past—or see herself and her crew imprisoned forever.

Blair followed Alec down the hall as he harangued her at a whisper.

“Cut that door bypass a little close, didn’t we?”

“You said to trust my gut,” she whispered back defensively. “I said I could do it, and I did.”

“That’s true,” he allowed, “but I’m thinking next time I should maybe rephrase to, ‘let’s err on the side of safety.’ You’re gonna give Sterling a heart attack.”

Blair wrinkled her nose. “Sterling? I thought he was the most unflappable guy on the crew.”

“Before you joined us, he was.”

“Oh, so he thinks I’m a rookie? I may be new to heisting, but let’s not forget—”

“Pump the brakes, big shifter,” he said, waving a hand to silence her. They stopped before a door marked with the PRY International logo and a sign below it reading AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. Alec swiped the keycard and tested the handle.

The door didn’t budge.

“Deadbolt manually activated outside of business hours, same as the outside door.” He pointed to the keyhole. “We got a paying customer here, so make me proud. How are you going to bypass?”

Blair examined the keyway, then reached into a pouch on her belt with a sly grin.

“The exterior door had a nine-pin, high-tolerance cylinder with a paracentric keyway, a fickle creature to say the least”—she raised an eyebrow at him—“even with a covert entry tool.”

Then she withdrew a key from the pouch, admiring its sheer beauty as she held it up for Alec to see. It looked like any other blank key, with one exception: the bitting surface had been replaced with a flat strip of charcoal-colored plasticine.

Blair continued, “But these interior doors? Simple pin tumbler locks, so I’ll take ‘impressioning with a composite blank key’ for five hundred, Alec.”

Alec said nothing, opting instead for a knowing nod before he swept for magnetic sensors and found none.

She stepped forward to insert the composite blank key into the lock. It was a gloriously simple concept: by replacing the key’s bitting surface with the right pressure-responsive material, the blank key could mold itself to the lock’s inner components and become a functioning key with little effort.

Patented and commercially produced versions of such keys were available for purchase to authorized law enforcement and government clients; Blair had used such official versions on many occasions. But the legality of purchasing a mass-produced variant mattered not a whit to Alec, who preferred to make his own. He’d start with a blank key, file down the bitting surface until it was perfectly flat, and then solder on a plasticine insert.

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