The Sorcerer’s Curse (The Story of the First Archimage #4) by Michaela Riley Karr

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The Sorcerer’s Curse by Michaela Riley Karr(The Story of the First Archimage #4)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

A centuries-old curse.
Voices from the past speak.
What happened to Rhydin Caldwell?

Eleven years have passed since the creation of the Dome, an underground city where the rebellion against Emperor Rhydin grows in number. Lina has spent the years leading covert missions to gain supporters for the rebellion and waiting for the fateful day when she and Sam can be reunited with their children. In Caark, thirteen-year-old Rayna impatiently awaits the awakening of her Allyen magic, and trouble lurks around every corner once she takes matters into her own hands.
When a startling discovery is made at the abandoned Archimage Palace, Lina and Rayna are thrust into the center of a dark curse that shatters everything they know. Ancient secrets are unburied, deceit runs rampant, deadly poison spreads, and no one is safe when the Dome comes under fire. While Lina must fight for help from an unlikely source to save hundreds of lives from certain death, Rayna learns the truth – the sorcerer’s curse must be broken, or Nerahdis will be lost forever.

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