The Source of Magic by Marisa Mills, Drake Mason

The Source of Magic

The Source of Magic by Marisa Mills, Drake Mason (Academy of Falling Kingdoms Series Book 1)
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB |498 Kb

The Source of Magic : The mission: Infiltrate the academy of mages to steal a journal from the forbidden archives.
The stakes: Everything.
I grew up in the Scraps, scavenging abandoned mage tech for parts. That is, until my uncle sold me to a dangerously pretty nobleman — and he has a different future in mind for me. After faking my way through the entrance exam to reach the floating kingdom of Reverie, my problems are only just beginning.
Keeping my secret identity is difficult enough without a suspicious prince following me around; not to mention the jealous rich girl threatening me at every turn. But I know I’m in real trouble when my magic sword begins to talk. If I can survive wearing dresses, demon attacks, backstabbing nobles, and crippling homework, I may discover the source of magic…
But if the truth gets out, it could destroy the world.

“I unshouldered my backpack, an old and heavily patched find from five years before. After carefully wrapping the tech up with a rough strip of cloth, I slipped it into the front pocket and kept looking. My uncle wouldn’t be pleased with one piece of mage tech, even one as unique as this one, and the last thing I wanted to do was anger Gabriel. He was a volatile man even in his best of moods.

Sterling and I spent most of the night rummaging through the trash, looking for the diamonds in the rough. I had never seen a diamond before in my life, but I’d heard of them. In my mind, diamonds were shimmering bits of metal. They were a good length of steel or copper wiring. When the moon was at her fullest, after filling our bags with treasures, we sneaked back through the trash heaps and crawled through the fence surrounding the dump.

This was the dangerous part; some gangs preferred to wait in town and jump scavengers just when they thought they were safe. We kept to the shadows, eyes tense and watchful as we snuck through the dark streets. We passed tight alleyways glowing from the yellow oil lamps, and soft moans from ladies of the night as they entertained in the shadows. I jumped at the sound of a broken bottle, followed by bursts of raucous laughter. I sighed in relief when the entrance to the old subway appeared. Gabriel said it had once housed a form of transportation that could carry a thousand people great distances, but that was before the mages first appeared.

“Well, looks like that’s a wrap, Wynter,” Sterling said, furrowing his brow.

“I guess,” I said.”


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