The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook by Justin Fox Burks

The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook

The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table,4th Edition by Justin Fox Burks
English | 2013 |Food & Drink| ePUB | 8 MB

Also check out Justin and Amy’s brand-new book, The Chubby Vegetarian: 100 Inspired Vegetable Recipes for the Modern Table (Susan Schadt Press, 2016).
Anyone not adequately acquainted with the South’s true culinary terrain might struggle with the idea of a Southern vegetarian. Because isn’t the South one big feast of meaty indulgence? Don’t vegetables play a supporting role to fried chicken and bacon on a Southern table? Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence turn that notion on its head by recasting garden bounty as the headlining act on a plate. In a region distinguished by ideal growing conditions and generations of skilled farmers, Southern-style vegetarian cooking is not only possible, it’s a pursuit brimming with vine-ripened possibility.

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