The Survival Strain by Robert Loyd

The Survival Strain

The Survival Strain by Robert Loyd
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 465 Kb

The Survival Strain: America, now called The Colony, has become a failed state. A violent place populated by psychopaths and their victims. Walls have been erected along its northern and southern borders to keep the violence from spilling over. World Peace outside the walls of The Colony has been achieved and, the single remnant of the old world contained but still a threat. A bold plan, brought to fruition by Doctor Heinrich Amsel, the world’s foremost epidemiologist seeks to use a genetically modified parasite to quell the violence beyond the walls. When Amsel receives a plea for help from an old friend still living in the Colony, he realizes the error of his ways and seeks to aid his friend and a small group in an escape that could mean death for them all.
The parasite decimates the Colony’s human population, leaving few unaffected, and many turned to something driven more by animal instinct than human rationale. Called Hunters by the remaining survivors, these cannibalistic humans now stalk the once great country along side the worst The Colony has to offer.
A small group of survivors make contact with a covert group outside The Colony and begin making plans for a daring escape. But both must navigate vastly different dangers; one the prying eyes of the United Nations and, the other roving bands of Hunters and psychopaths.

“How did you know, Henry?” Came the man’s reply in the heavy, familiar French accent.

“Because you’re the loudest person with knowledge of my whereabouts.”

“Trying to hide, Henry?”
Heinrich always winced at his use of the Colonist bastardization of his name. That, combined with his heavy French accent, made the name nearly unbearable. But Heinrich loved the man like a brother so, he allowed the slight without any reprimand.

“Clearly failing in that endeavor,” he replied standing with a warm smile.

“Henry, this is the…”

    “The UN Secretary General, Azadah Byrne.” he interrupted, “You need not introduce me to my boss, Frank.” he chuckled as they shook hands.

    “Well, you know how much a slave to ceremony I am.”

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