The Swan King: A Historical Fairy Tale by Nina Clare

The Swan King:

The Swan King: A Historical Fairy Tale by Nina Clare
English | 2019 | Fantasy| ePUB |479 Kb

The Swan King: Elsa, the sheltered daughter of a baron, has been forced to flee her home.
When she’s given refuge at the royal castle it would seem that help is at hand, but the young king is not an easy man to speak to. In fact, Elsa’s not sure what kind of man he is.

Caught up into strange and magical happenings, political intrigues and romantic conflicts, the glamorous world of the king disintegrates about her, and enemies close in.
Elsa wonders who to trust, who to love, and if she will ever make it home again.

“The chairman shuffled his papers, adjusted his monocle, and cleared his throat to show that he now meant to begin. The room quieted from loud chatter to whisperings. The chairman began.

‘The Government Committee of Enquiry is now assembled, and charges all witnesses to give true testimony, answer all questions faithfully, and assist in this enquiry as to the whereabouts of the king, and in ascertaining if His Majesty is of sound mind and fit to rule, once he is found—or otherwise.

‘Fräulein…’ the chairman rummaged through his papers again, ‘I do not appear to have a name for you. You are listed merely as a distant relative of the queen mother’s.’ He looked pointedly at her, but she did not speak. ‘The Committee of Enquiry requires your testimony, but first we must know who it is who testifies.’

Hansi strained to hear her voice, which was clear, but muffled by the whisperings of the crowd. He wanted to tell them to be quiet, but they were of the upper classes; it was a wonder they had not thrown him out yet, seeing as he was the only man in the room not wearing a tailored suit.”

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