The Sword, the Wolf and the Rock by Peter Alderson Sharp

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The Sword, the Wolf and the Rock by Peter Alderson Sharp
English | 2020 | General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Three implacable enemies fighting for a family they love.
Galilean zealots have risen in support of their new leader, Jesus Bar Joseph.
Known as the Christ , he is a prince of the line of David. After his crucifixion, his family find themselves in grave danger.
The leader of the zealots, Simon, known to his followers and enemies alike as the Rock is a murderous, violent giant of a man whose sworn enemy is the Roman Centurion, Lucius Maximinus.
Maximinus, famed for his skill with a sword, had been charged with keeping the peace in Galilee. Working alongside him is his strange and brutal lieutenant, Titus, a loyal ex-gladiator believed by many to be half man and half wolf.
Within a short time these enemies find themselves on a gruelling journey, battling to protect one family, special to them all.
This is the bloody history of the first Christian family in the aftermath of the execution of Jesus Bar Joseph. The essence of this sweeping story is recognisable to all, but, containing treachery, rape, kidnapping, violence and murder, it is no bible story.

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