The SyStem by Jon Svenson

The SyStem

The SyStem: Multiverse by Jon Svenson
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Brett Hayes never expected his life to amount to much. He escaped Boston, with help from his mother, to head to the west coast and create a new life in Seattle. All that changes when he attends a party to celebrate his friend’s new physics invention: a device that connects two universes together.

Events quickly spiral out of control as Brett, and his best friend’s ex-girlfriend, find themselves pulled by the device and end up in a different version of Earth, one that has been stripped of it’s resources and population by an alien race. Will the Earth they came from share a similar fate? Can they escape the dimension they’ve been sent to and find a way back home? And do they want to escape after learning more about the universe they find themselves in? More importantly, can they change the SyStem that controls everything in that universe and many more?

The SyStem: Multiverse is the first book in a series of the same name, where they fight monsters with psychic powers, deal with betrayal, survive on a barren world, and decide whether they will let things remain the same or take action to change their circumstances.

“Damn it. I was hoping you’d wait, but I get it,” Jed admitted as we walked over to a small device sitting on a table, a glass dome covering it entirely. Jed lifted the glass dome and set it aside. Multi-colored wires ran across the thing, and Brett could feel his watch being magnetically pulled toward the device.

“What we have here is an alternate dimensional node,” Jed explained. “In laymen’s terms, we think we briefly connected our universe to another universe. We don’t know which universe yet, but it doesn’t really matter. Alternate dimensions were proven mathematically over a century ago, but the physical proof is on a whole different level. It could be a parallel universe or something else entirely.”

Brett could see the relief clearly written across Jed’s face. Although he hadn’t followed details behind the science, he had seen the strain growing month by month as Jed and his team pushed for this breakthrough.

“The party tonight is to celebrate the discovery and let the team blow off some steam before we start writing papers and pushing for additional funding.” The pride was evident in Jed’s voice, and Brett was very happy for his friend. Dozens of questions were running through his non-scientific head.

“Does that mean that aliens will be invading our world now? Chitauri roaming around on speeders kind of thing?” Brett couldn’t help but smile, picturing a scene he had watched dozens of times.

Jed smiled as well, but he shook his head. “No, the node we created was small. Really small. So small it has to be measured in alto units.”

Brett’s smile turned to a grin. “So, you created a wormhole? That’s crazy cool.” He was trying to find a relationship between the pseudo-science he knew from TV, movies, games and comics and the real science in front of him.

Jed laughed and shook his head again, saying, “No, not a wormhole. A wormhole crosses vast distances in space by folding the points closer together to make the distance much shorter. The node we created causes the plane of our universe and the plane of another universe to bend towards each other with the node bridging the gap.

“Think of pieces of paper stacked one on top of the other, each representing an entire universe and separated by a small amount of non-space. What we think we did was either bend our universe or the other universe closer to each other, bridging the gap between the two universes at a single point. The bigger the node, the farther apart the universe planes can be. Ours was a very small node, meaning that the two universes were already close together.”

Jenna walked over, joining the conversation, “It’s such an amazing accomplishment. Now, you just need to replicate the results and write the papers, and then a Nobel could be waiting on the other end.” Jenna marveled at the small device, studying it from different angles.

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