The Tower’s Price by Ivan Kal

The Tower's Price

The Tower’s Price by Ivan Kal (Tower of Power Book 5)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Ivan Kal writes science fiction and fantasy, and is the author of the space opera series Rise of the Empire.

For most of his life he had been studying in the fields of electronics, IT, and web design. But because of his great love for books and his need to tell stories, he decided to start writing.

His other interests include martial arts, movies and tv, and gaming.

Beyond the third floor!

When Morgan got hit by a car and died on Earth, he never imagined that he would be chosen by a god, little g, to be taken to another planet—a World governed by game-like rules. Especially since said god liked to have people call him the Great Lord, and had basically created an entire World to run experiments in. Nor could Morgan have ever imagined that he would find one thing that he had never really had on Earth: a real family.

It’s been years since Morgan started his second chance at life on that world, and both he and his friends have achieved great power as part of a Great Raid: a group of people bent on climbing beyond the third floor of the Tower of Power, to the floors from which no one has ever before returned.

They had lost friends in their climb, but who remain share the same drive to be the first to pass the Great Lord’s test. But there are dangers in the Tower beyond what they could even imagine…and not all of them even belong there.

Their raid group will need both luck and cunning if they are to survive all that the Tower can throw at them. But, in the end, only one thing is certain—no matter what, all of them will need to pay the Tower’s price.

Morgan knew very little about these people, only that they called themselves the Children of the Mountain. Even after more than a year of being around them, Morgan still didn’t feel comfortable with them. To Morgan they looked like zealots, or cult members. They didn’t speak about anything other than things that concerned the quests on this floor. It was disconcerting to say the least.

As the raid group reached the town, they noticed a feast, and the Children of the Mountain waiting to great them.

“Hail, ascended!” the town chief yelled. “May you climb ever higher and pass the Great Lord’s test!”

Ragnor Raam bowed and thanked them.

“Come,” the chief said. “You accomplished something that not many do, come and enjoy this small feast in your honor!”

The raid didn’t need much encouragement, and soon enough Morgan found himself sitting at a table with his team, the Last Vanguard, and Ta’elara.

“I can’t believe that we’ve done it. The third floor…” Gravough, the dwarf who had somehow become one of Morgan’s favorite people, said.

“I know,” Borodar agreed.

Ta’elara smiled and then spoke. “And you know what this means, right?”

“What?” Morgan asked.

“By finishing the third floor, you are all rated as a scarletite-ranked teams!” She grinned.

Morgan blinked at that—it almost didn’t seem real. They had spent years in the Tower, though, and he knew that they had out leveled almost everyone on the outside. It was almost impossible to believe, but Morgan knew just how much they had all advanced, how they had fought without stopping for all that time.

All of them were above level 50 now, with Morgan, Lucius and Vestella being level 55, and the others only one level behind. He didn’t know the exact levels of the Last Vanguard, but they were in the same range. Ta’elara was over level 60, and Morgan knew that she had leveled at least once on their climb. But for their raid leaders—the ones who were over level 60 like the Grand Mage, Ragnor Raam, and Evermou—the climb hadn’t been as profitable. They didn’t get the same amount of experience, since they had already conquered the first three floors. They could leave the Tower and rule, or work as a high-ranked team. They could have wealth and power on the outside… But they were there to climb the Tower.

Quickly, the two teams began their usual banter. They had all gotten incredibly close, enough so that Morgan would consider everyone at the table a part of his family. He was close with the other teams, with Fjordstar and the Call’s Hammers, if not as much with the others, but they were all at least friendly with one another nonetheless.

And as his table relaxed into friendly conversation, Vestella pulled her chair just next to Morgan’s and leaned on him. Morgan glanced at her as she put her head on his shoulder and smiled at her content expression. She was his partner, an equivalent to what on Earth would be a spouse. He really felt lucky that he had found her. Things with them had happened fast, but they felt right, and he didn’t regret it.

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