The Trap by Jonas Saul

The Trap

The Trap (A Sarah Roberts Thriller Book 24)by Jonas Saul
English | 2020| Mystery | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Jonas Saul is the author of the Sarah Roberts and the Drake Bellamy Series. Jonas lives in Europe with his author wife, Kate Cornwell.

Traps have been set for Sarah Roberts and her closest friends, her inner circle. Aaron is abducted from a restaurant, Parkman is grabbed in his apartment, and the dojo is attacked. Alex barely escapes capture.
Then they come for Sarah.
As the traps are sprung one by one, and the death toll rises throughout the city, the authorities scramble to contain it.
Ultimately, these traps were set to snare Alex. Someone powerful needs him to do a job, something only a man of his unique skillset could accomplish. Of course, Alex would refuse, but would he decline if Sarah’s life hung in the balance?
While Sarah tries to piece it together and struggle to stay alive, Alex embarks on a mission that he sees as futile. It’ll ruin his life and lead to a maximum prison sentence no matter how it plays out.
When Alex learns the full scope of the mission, he can’t go through with it, even knowing failure is certain death for Sarah. He prays she’ll understand—if she’s still alive—because there’s no way he can complete the job.

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