The Unification of Paikmeriz by Bryan Caimi

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The Unification of Paikmeriz by Bryan Caimi (The Unification of Paikmeriz #1)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

“The embers of discontent settle on the underpinnings of desire, it takes but a gentle wind to bloom an inferno.”

For over twenty years, Paikmeriz has known peace among its six kingdoms. But what is peace for Engerahin Lovdiena? Haunted by his past, he wants nothing more than revenge on King Gerahim and to find his father. His hasty actions in pursuit of both thrust him into a hidden world where he’s forced to reconcile with what he discovers.

Now the call to unification has emerged, and on the eve of this possible new era, an eerie red light flashes across the land as rumors abound. Undeterred or unbelieving, each kingdom has agreed to the discussion. A chance to crown a new ruler and bring lasting peace to Paikmeriz awaits. But intertwined pasts, old prejudices, and deceitful forces threaten to undermine its success. And if the ominous red flash foretells as feared, unification mustn’t fail lest it seal the kingdoms’ fate.

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