The Vanishing Girl by Dan Padavona

The Vanishing Girl

The Vanishing Girl by Dan Padavona (Darkwater Cove Psychological Thriller Book 4)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

I was born and raised in Cortland, NY, not far from the Finger Lakes region. Today, I live outside of Binghamton, NY, with my wife, Terri, and our two children.

She’s searching for a missing girl the authorities can’t find. But the truth might get her killed.
Trying to piece her shattered life together, ex-FBI profiler Darcy Gellar clings to a struggling relationship with Detective Julian Haines. Then a new case forces her to act when Julian’s niece vanishes from a private college in Upstate New York. But Julian’s niece has a dark secret. And the understaffed sheriff’s department lacks the expertise to find the missing girl.
Darcy empathizes with Julian’s sister. She knows what it’s like to lose a child to a deranged kidnapper.
But when they search the countryside, Julian exhumes a dead teenage girl from the forest. Her face is too disfigured to identify. Is this Julian’s niece?
As Darcy and Julian investigate the murder, new suspects come to light. And more victims. She thought the nightmare was over, but a new serial killer stalks the night. And Darcy is his next target. Is Darcy prepared to unearth the truth about the vanishing girl’s disappearance, even if it tears Julian apart?

There is no peace, only the dressing of old wounds and the tight-lipped smile that convinces everyone she’s okay.

Over a year has passed since Darcy and Julian Haines, now a detective with the Genoa Cove Police Department, killed serial killer Michael Rivers. The nightmares are less frequent, but they still visit Darcy at unexpected times when she’s ill-prepared to face them. In that sense, the serial killer held true to his promise—Darcy would never be rid of him. Counseling sessions help, as do physical activities like running, weight training, and self-defense. Salves for wounds that refuse to heal. Though she loves to read, Darcy’s mind wanders to grim places when a book lies open on her lap, and she can’t watch any movie containing violence or a stalker.

She chops onion at the counter with Julian beside her, rolling out pizza dough. A block from Darkwater Cove, Darcy’s house seems empty without her children. Sixteen-year-old Jennifer is at Kaitlyn’s house for a Friday night sleepover. Hunter enrolled for his freshman year at Coastal Carolina at the end of August. Darcy can’t pass his room without her chest squeezing. She’s twice called her son to dinner since he departed and had to catch herself. He texts daily and calls a few times per week, but it’s not the same. Nostalgia makes her miss the long nights he spent playing XBox with his friends, Hunter’s excited yells keeping Darcy awake as he laid waste to a horde of zombies.

“You want black olives on your half? Darcy?”

Kicked out of her thoughts, Darcy returns to chopping.

“Sure. Black olives and red peppers.”

Julian, a decade younger than Darcy, looks as though he could start at tailback on a college football team. His hair is half a shade above pitch black and cut short. The detective’s tight t-shirt accentuates his lean, muscular physique. It was seven months ago that the Genoa Cove Police Department promoted Julian. His predecessor, Detective Ames, had served as lead investigator on the Full Moon Killer case. Darcy hadn’t trusted Ames after he accused Hunter of the Darkwater Cove murders, but after he admitted his mistake, Darcy came to like Ames, though she found it difficult to forgive him.

Off work tonight, Julian looks casual in flip-flops and jogging shorts, though he keeps his phone with him at all times. As a respected member of the force, he’s the first called when the station is shorthanded. After Michael Rivers murdered Officer Faust, the cop he bribed, the GCPD struggled to maintain its workforce. For many of its officers, the GCPD seems snake bitten.

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