The Vardoger Boy by Jay Veloso Batista

The Vardoger

The Vardoger Boy by Jay Veloso Batista
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

A frequent traveler for business and pleasure, Jay has visited all 50 states and all of the continents except Antarctica, and the places he has frequented support his story craft. A father and grandfather, Jay lives on the eastern Delaware shore with his wife where they can kayak, swim in the ocean and eat lots of blue fin crabs!

Vikings war with the last Saxon Kingdom, blood feuds stalk the family, the werebear takes revenge and our forerunner hero must face trolls, a kelp man and his nuggles, and a dark elf… The epic adventures of the Agneson Clan continue!
The year is 878…
Danish forces assemble for war on Wessex and the loyal Agneson Clan heeds the call to join the Great Viking Horde, but while honorable men gather in the midlands, a blood feud draws mercenaries to their undefended homestead for murderous revenge.
Sailing his Viking crew to fulfil their oath, Karl harbors suspicions over strange occurrences that bedevil his nephew Thorfinn, while far to the north their sworn enemy the werebear and his dark elf master strike back…
And the young forerunner Thorfinn learns the Nine Realms are full of surprising hidden folk, but to earn his place aboard the Viking’s ship he must accept a mast troll’s quest….
Will the family escape the despicable vendetta?
Can Thorfinn face the evils prowling the bottom of the Humber Estuary?
Does Cub battle to victory against King Alfred’s men?
How can Karl and his Vikings find and defeat a mysterious lair of were-beasts?

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