The Vatican’s Last Secret by Francis Joseph Smith

The Vatican's

The Vatican’s Last Secret by Francis Joseph Smith (
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 710 Kb

The Vatican’s : During the closing days of WWII, senior Nazi party and Vatican officials committed the most brazen robbery of all time.
In this fast-paced Thriller, Hans Dieter is a well-known philanthropist with a dark past. From his deathbed, he has one last story to relay to his son, Jim Dieter (retired Navy SEAL) and his best friend, Dan Flaherty, about the role he played in a robbery involving top Nazi and Vatican officials.
A robbery that for over 70 years, The Vatican has killed to keep its secret buried.
Now a deadly game of cat and mouse quickly ensues across the globe involving The Vatican, MI-6 and Interpol, all hot on the trail of Jim, Dan, and Jim’s fiancé, Nora Robinson, as they search to discover–The Vatican’s Last Secret.

“Head shaven bald, tall but muscular, sleeves rolled up to reveal arms the size of small tree trunks, betraying his younger days as a Boston College offensive lineman, a white clerical collar topped his black shirt. He looked nothing like a man who possessed the full authority to speak and deal on behalf of the leader of the Catholic Church.

After a few seconds, Father Lester realized the conversation was in Hebrew—one of six languages Monsignor Sims spoke fluently.

“I no longer have it, we no longer have it,” Monsignor Sims replied angrily before slamming his cell phone on the table. “That arrogant bastard,” he said aloud before realizing Father Lester was staring at him.  He paused to compose himself, smiling as he pointed to the area about him. “I know how you detest visiting our little hole in the ground, but I wanted to inform you personally of the ghastly news.  We have a potentially humiliating situation whose existence, if it were leaked to the general public, would utterly disgrace the Holy See.”

A puzzled look spread across Father Lester’s face.

Monsignor Sims handed Father Lester a red folder before continuing. “Our contact in the United States sent that message to us over thirty minutes ago. It seems that after some seventy years in hiding our enemies are returning home for a little scavenger hunt.  You know what that means don’t you?”

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