The Veil of Ashes by S. Usher Evans

The Veil of Ashes

The Veil of Ashes (Princess Vigilante Book 2) by S. Usher Evans
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB | 1.6 Mb

The Veil of Ashes : Blindsided by betrayal, Brynna has been licking her wounds away from the city she loves. But the call to duty soon becomes too much to bear, and Brynna embarks on a quest for friends and allies who’ll help her reclaim what was once hers. But vengeance comes with a heavy toll, one Brynna isn’t sure she’s willing to pay.

“Captain, did you hear me?” She turned to look at me, nothing but contempt in her eyes. “Why is my city on fire?”

Because it isn’t yours. I cleared my throat and forced myself to look interested. “The citizens seem to be protesting your latest edicts on the curfew.”

“By setting their own homes on fire?” She snorted and turned back to the glass. “These people are idiots. Cut off their noses to spite their faces. Tell me you’ve made progress finding who is responsible.”

I bit my tongue and swallowed all the words I wanted to say. “Not yet. For obvious reasons, the citizenry doesn’t trust us anymore, so it’s been difficult to get information from them. Unfortunately, there are still many who don’t accept you as the queen.”

She stiffened and cast me a dangerous look over her shoulder. “And do you, Captain, accept me?”

I covered the silver Severian crest at my left breast and bowed. “Of course.”

We’d been playing this delicate dance since the day I’d sworn fealty to her. She could very well have me hanged, but then she’d have the entirety of my guard up in arms against her. She needed them on her side, and so she needed me on her side. Alternatively, if I decided to leave my position, there would be no one to protect the guard—or the city—from her capricious whims. I had to stay, even if it made my skin crawl to be near her. “

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