The Veiled Haven by Jennifer Ann Schlag

The Veiled Haven

Heir of Dragmoore: The Veiled Haven by Jennifer Ann Schlag
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 368 Kb

The Veiled Haven :Proving her innocence will be the least of her problems

Talen plans to become a master trainer of animals and leave her farm life behind her. That is, until, her father is implicated in the death of a mother dragon and her infant. She finds the infant dragon alive and presents it to the king in hopes of her father being set free, only to be accused of harboring a magical beast—an offense punishable by imprisonment.

Prince Remy imagines that he is anyone but a prince who will be forced to marry and inherit the throne. Knowing he can’t have both his freedom and his father’s respect, he decides to leave behind the royal life. However, when opportunity arises for him to achieve what he desires, he accepts the challenge and stumbles upon a secret to his lineage that will change the entire kingdom.

Talen and Remy find themselves walking the same path. Leading them straight into The Veiled Haven, a place where intrigue, desire, and mayhem rule. They must find a way to navigate through the dark temptations that wait to prey upon them. Can they trust each other enough to survive the journey? Or will the temptations be too great that they succumb to the darkness within?

“She is. She actually just turned twenty-five.” Gavin looks over the selection of books that talks about the beasts in the Wilderness.

How inaccurate they are. Only the Marksman has the most up to date book that is worth the read. The Marksman wrote one of the books in here as more of a teaser to what is really out there in the world.

“Would you say that she is past the age to be married?”

“No. There have been women who married at thirty.”

“Yes, I know. We need the women to be married sooner rather than later.”

“Bessy is forty and she is not married.”

“Bessy is more of a man than a woman. Men have it easier.”

“My king, I beg of you not to force my daughter to marry someone.”

“Did I say I would force her? I can line up a few noble suitors though. My Hunters will always marry well. Their children too.”

“But she runs the farm with my brother. No noble will see her as anything but a farmer’s daughter.”

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