The Vernon Case by Diana Xarissa

 The Vernon Case

The Vernon Case by Diana Xarissa (A Markham Sisters Cozy Mystery Novella Book 22)
English | 2020 | Cozy Mystery | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Diana has lived in several US states, the north of England and the Isle of Man. While she is currently in the US, she still misses the stunning scenery, wonderful people and fascinating history that make the Isle of Man so unique.

Janet Markham doesn’t like coincidences. When she and her sister Joan spend a day running errands and she keeps seeing the same man over and over again, it worries her. When that same man nearly dies of a drug overdose that evening, Janet is even more concerned.

Another day, another man who keeps crossing Janet’s path, and then another drug overdose worry her even more. Is someone in Doveby Dale, the village the sisters call home, dealing in drugs? There are some new arrivals in the village and in neighbouring Little Burton. Maybe one of them is the culprit.

Can Janet help the local police constable, Robert Parsons, work out who’s behind the overdoses? Will Joan be able to help or is she too distracted by wedding plans to pay attention? How angry will Edward Bennett, the man in (and out) of Janet’s life, be if she gets tangled up in another police investigation? This one feels a good deal more dangerous than most. Can Janet stay safe or will her nosiness put her into real danger this time?

“You won’t be upsetting my life. If things get unbearable, I’ll put a television and a small refrigerator in my room and only come out when I have no other choice.”

“I hope it won’t come to that.”

“It won’t. We’ll be fine. It will be an odd adjustment, but we’re all reasonable adults and we all want what’s best for everyone. We just have to get through the wedding first.”

Joan made a face. “I’m starting to think we should have eloped to Gretna Green,” she said. “I know Michael is paying for everything, but I’m starting to feel quite guilty at how much the whole affair is costing him.”

“You’ve said he can afford it.”

“He can. He did very well when he sold his business.”

Michael had owned the small chemist’s shop in the village for many years. When he’d decided to retire, he’d sold the shop to a large national chain. Occasionally, when the shop’s manager was unwell or wanted a day off, Michael still filled in at the shop that had once been his.

“So where are we going first?” Janet asked after she’d slid on her shoes and picked up her handbag.

“I thought we might try the antique warehouse on the outskirts of Derby, the one that William used to take you to visit occasionally,” Joan said. “

Janet nodded. Stanley Moore had an enormous collection of antiques and collectables spread out between a huge warehouse and several outbuildings. Joan might well find the perfect gift for Michael there. “Do you want me to drive?” she asked as they left the house.

“I think we should take my, er, our car,” Joan told her.

“You can call it your car. I don’t mind, as I have my own.”

The sisters had always shared a car, ever since Janet had finished teacher training and they’d moved into a small cottage together. In the last year, however, their very sensible car had needed to spend some time being repaired, and the garage had lent the sisters a cute little red coupe. Janet had fallen in love with the car and had been shocked and delighted when Edward Bennett had purchased it for her. Although technically the sensible car still belonged to both sisters, Janet considered it Joan’s car and only drove it when she needed to go somewhere with Joan.

“Would you mind driving?” Joan asked as she dug the car keys out of her bag. “You know where we’re going, after all.”

Janet hid a grin as she unlocked the car. Joan never enjoyed driving, which was one of the reasons why sharing a car had rarely been an issue in the past. Janet did like to drive, especially her little car, but she was happy enough to drive Joan’s car for the day.

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