The Vicar’s Confession by Phillip Strang

 The Vicar's Confession

The Vicar’s Confession by Phillip Strang
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7.2 MB

Phillip Strang was born in the late forties in England. He has been an avid reader since childhood. In his early twenties, the author, with a degree in electronics engineering left England for Sydney, Australia. Now, forty years later, he still resides in Australia, although many intervening years spent in a myriad of countries, some calm and safe – others, no more than war zones.

The Reverend Charles Hepworth, good Samaritan, friend of the downtrodden, almost a saint to those who know him.

Up until the day he walks into the police station, straight up to Detective Chief Inspector Isaac Cook’s desk in Homicide. ‘I killed the man,’ he says, as he places a blood-soaked knife on the desk.

The dead man, Andreas Maybury, was not a man to mourn, but why would a self-professed pacifist commit such a heinous crime. The reasons aren’t clear, and then Hepworth’s killed in a prison cell, and everyone’s ducking for cover.

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