The Wall by Michael Robertson

The Wall

The Wall (Beyond These Walls #10) by Michael Robertson
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

In a world filled with chaos, they’re still searching for paradise …

William and his friends have battled scores of diseased and left communities behind them on their journey to find what lies south of the wall bisecting the country. They’ve lost loved ones and overcome many challenges, but they’ve never faced an obstacle as great as the one before them.

The wall; steel, sheer, and two-hundred feet tall. An insurmountable barrier designed to separate the north and south. Their dream should stop here, but the group has a plan to get to the other side, and it might just work.

If they get past the wall, will they find the paradise they’re searching for?

Will they finally find somewhere they can make their home?

And if they do, will all of them still be alive?

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