The Wardens by Scott Moore

The Wardens

The Wardens by Scott Moore
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 403 Kb

The Wardens : A former Warden, Caid finds himself on the outside of the assassin group looking in. With the help of 12-year-old escaped slave Alis, Caid has to find out why the Wardens have abandoned their ways and started killing their own. Along the way, he finds himself in tandem with many strange allies, but as the plans of the Wardens unravel Caid finds that assassinations are the least of the cities worries. What can a former Warden do to stop the calling of a god?

“Instantly, the chatter from the crowd filled his ears. It took him a few moments to understand the scope of the conversations. The Envoys of Parian had found Pog’s mutilated body; parts of him were strewn about the cobblestones. Not a single Envoy member was taking credit for the killing. They had yet to identify Pog as a member of the Wardens, but the description of clothing and accessories left no question. Caid let out a sigh. The news was a lot to take in. Pog was a senior member of the Wardens. He had been with the group much longer than Caid. He was seasoned and knew his way around a mission. That had not helped him in the end. Caid again wondered what Maddog had been doing while Pog was cut down.

Caid moved past the first few groups. He heard distress in the tone of their voices. Pressing on he learned that Seer Creft had declared the coal districts responsible for this attack. He had given a small statement to the press, and the papers had run with it.”

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