The Way of the Force by Yuri Ajin

The Way of the Force

The Way of the Force by Yuri Ajin (The Heavenly Throne Book 2)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

True Force unleashes one’s inner power. It determines the strength of martial arts practitioners.
Kai found a new life, a new home, and even a new family in a world vastly different from his own.
However, he lost it all in a blink of an eye. Life as he knew it was gone overnight.
But before he allowed rage and despair to overcome him, he discovered an ancient city, and got a chance for revenge…
Now his path leads east, to the capital of the Alkea Empire ― to his sister Julie and the strongest sect in the country that could aid him in his development…
Development of his strength and skills in a world ruled by martial arts!

While the trio stood there, the rest of the caravan was engaged in the preparation of transferring the lizards to the other side. These creatures weren’t suitable for combat, being raised by people as domesticated pets and mounts. But no matter how hard they tried to make them move, the reptiles refused to cross the bridge. In the end, it was decided to put them to sleep and carry them over on special platforms.

Any animal that hadn’t reach the Mind Stage refused to approach the bridge, so the people had no other choice but to put them all to sleep. In fact, this place scared not only the animals but the people, too. And the lower their stage of development was, the stronger their heart pounded. Everyone felt goose bumps. Everyone’s knees were shaky.

Evil energy stirred in the air.

But it was Lily who suffered the most. Because of her abilities, she felt the true power of the horror that was emanating from the depths of the gorge. Her palms were constantly sweating, so she had to hide them behind her back. She tried to be brave, not allowing herself to show fear in front of her people.

Lily perceived this as a test. How could she surrender now when she was the one who insisted on this route? Everyone was suffering, so she had to suffer, too! If she was willing to allow such a small obstacle to discourage her, she never should’ve pursued the warrior’s life. She’d push on, no matter how difficult things got.

Kai, on the other hand, didn’t seem particularly disturbed by any of this. Having seen thin ribbons of dark brown energy emerging from the abyss like poisonous snakes, he protected himself by using his energy-controlling ability. Having dealt with that, he calmly walked along the cliff, waiting for the lizards to be transferred across the bridge.

Lily was observing him, unable to believe how calm he was. Even Ash and Darl had turned slightly pale, and everyone had to use a special potion to protect themselves.

This evil energy had been living here since the ancient times. People had, of course, sent more than one expedition to check the bottom but none came back.

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