The Way to a Man’s Heart by Shaw Hart

The Way to a Man's Heart

The Way to a Man’s Heart by Shaw Hart (Lady Boss Presents: Big Sky Universe)
English | 2021 |Romance| ePUB | 5 MB

Elijah Grove owns the Grove Trading Post in Cunningham Falls. The place has always been his home and the Trading Post has been in his family for generations. Any type of gear that you might need for the outdoors and he’s your man. He’s a loner who towers over most people and who has always been more at peace outside by himself than around large groups of people. His life is running smoothly, his routine set, and then Hartley shows up in his town.
Hartley Maverick is the new girl in town. She moved to Cunningham Falls to open her dream bakery. She’s had a love of baking and making sweet treats ever since her grams taught her how to make her first chocolate chip cookie. After Grams passed though, staying in Georgia just became too painful. So Hartley packed up their tiny apartment, threw a dart at the map, and started driving. She’s determined to get her bakery off the ground and make it a success. To make her grams proud of her.
When an innocent mistake has the town and his parents thinking that these two are a couple, Elijah hatches a plan. Since they’re both agreed that neither of them wants a relationship, he’ll help Hartley fix up her bakery if she pretends to be his girlfriend while his parents are in town.
Such a simple deal, what could possibly go wrong?
The more time these two spend together, the more they realize that their pretend love just might be turning real. Will they be able to admit that they want more than just this façade?

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