The Whisper of Silenced Voices by C.J. Archer

The Whisper

The Whisper of Silenced Voices by C.J. Archer (After The Rift #3)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 642 Kb

The Whisper : When the husband of the king’s mistress is poisoned, Josie must pretend he died of natural causes, or risk putting her own life in danger. It’s yet another secret she must learn to keep, yet another intrigue whispered about in the gilded halls of King Leon’s mysterious palace.

With her enemies intent on ruining her, Josie needs all the friends she can get. Friends that include the captain of the guards, a man determined to find out about his past before he gives in to desire.

As the captain becomes more certain that magic stole the servants’ memories, some very powerful people also hear the whispers of magic and begin to wonder. With rivals from several quarters closing in on the truth, events are set in motion that could change the course of the kingdom, and see the palace servants and Josie lose everything.

“I glanced up at the sign of Hailia’s hands above the door. “You wouldn’t be so cruel,” I told the goddess.

I was about to return inside when Meg emerged from her cottage and signaled for me to join her.

“Who were they?” she asked, staring along the street in the direction in which the Ashmoles had gone.

“The new doctor and his wife.”

“He looks more like an undertaker and she the chief mourner. What are they like?”

“He could be the finest doctor to come out of the college in recent years, but I suspect his bedside manner will be on the curt side. And Hailia help anyone in pain.”


“Never mind.”

“My family will continue to come to you anyway, Josie. My mother is suspicious of anyone new to the village.”

“Everyone is,” I said on a sigh. “But you can’t keep coming to me.” Like many of Mull’s locals, Meg’s family had continued to ask me for medical advice after my father’s death. I had to turn them away or risk being fined for practicing medicine when I wasn’t qualified to do so.

“We can if we don’t pay you for your services. That reminds me. There’s a bowl of stew for you. It’s a little watery and flavorless but it’s fine with bread.”

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