The Will by Mardria Portuondo

 The Will

The Will by Mardria Portuondo
English | 2021| Romance FF| ePUB |2.8 MB

Mardria Portuondo has published 34 novels since she began writing 3 years ago.

My father and his best friend die leaving behind a will that sends the two families into a tailspin. The will includes a staggering amount of money we had no idea they possess. The money is left to a marital union formed from the two families. As the only remaining unmarried child of my father, and Elena Morrison, the only child of my father’s best friend, it is up to us to get that money. But how can a union be formed with a woman my entire family dislikes and who has no desire to leave her high-profile lifestyle in the city to be associated with the likes of us? In our parents’ quest to keep the families united, they leave behind a will from hell.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains steamy sex scenes.

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