The Witch is in the Details by Constance Barker

The Witch

The Witch is in the Details by Constance Barker (Calamity Corners Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 176 Kb

The Witch : Murder by Voodoo Dolls?
Nann calls them poppets, but the rest of the town calls them voodoo dolls and they keep popping up around dead people.
The mill’s board has come together to address whether they will accept the town’s buy out program and reopen the mill. Lakeshore Properties continues to seethe, wanting the property for their own gain. And Magic seems to swirl around the entire town.
Zinna has worked hard to create a program to show the board members how reopening the plant via a worker buy out would benefit the company and the town. But a board member drops dead before revealing a decision and his notes mysteriously go missing.
Deputy Keith turns up at Nann’s bookstore asking questions regarding the voodoo dolls. Since Nann has an occult section in her bookstore and Aunt Nancy was either bonkers or a witch, maybe Nann has the goods on what’s going on. Of course, Nann must remain unassuming. No need to let the handsome deputy in on her secrets. That is, until Tink is framed when a slew of poppets are found in her garage.
When more people end up dead with voodoo dolls attached, Nann and Pokey, her pig familiar, must figure out if Aunt Nancy has any documents that may lead to a killer.

“Wrinkles bunched around the man’s eyes as he smiled and shook. “It’s kind of embarrassing, actually, but I dropped my cell phone in the toilet this morning. The B&B I’m staying at said you’re the only internet café around. I need to send some e-mails.”

The young woman with him rolled her eyes, but gave the man a hug. “Happens every time we travel.”

“We charge five dollars per hour for internet access,” Nann said. She saw Zinnia’s wince from the corner of her eye.

Paine didn’t hesitate, pulling a ten out of his wallet. “I don’t think it’ll take more than an hour, but keep the change, just in case.”

Nann printed a receipt with a temporary password. “Let me know if you have any trouble. I’ll have to call someone if you do. I know nothing about computers.”

The man laughed and walked back to the rank of computers. His companion lingered, gazing around. “This is Greenpoint Books? I’ve ordered from you before. I thought you were in Brooklyn.”

“Freshly arrived,” Nann said. “I’m shocked to see a repeat customer.”

The woman smiled. She shared some of the man’s features, the dark hair, the amber eyes. “I’m Cindy Paine. We’re here for a demonstration. Employees of our mill are looking to buy it from us. Oh, I know you.”

Zinnia turned multiple shades of red. “Hi.”


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