The Wolf’s Secret by Zara Woods

The Wolf's

The Wolf’s Secret by Zara Woods
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 181 Kb

His body rippled, his eyes were dark, and he was everything I had told myself I didn’t want in my life…but if that was true, why couldn’t I keep my hands off him?
I set myself 2 rules:
#1 One night to live out this fantasy then it’s back to work.
#2 Don’t fall in love
My whole life I strived for mediocrity. Not in a bad way, I just didn’t want to be that tough witch and stick out from the crowd. I was the girl with the paint brush, the amulet, and the secret magic that I used to stir my coffee and light a candle or two. My luck though, had begun to die out. What I couldn’t even imagine was being saved by a Wolf Shifter, but even more so, wanting him so badly.
Christian was supposed to hate me, I was supposed to hate him. We were rival creatures, warring for centuries and only bonding over the dead bodies of our mutual foe, the vampires. But watching that body morph into a human, my eyes longingly reaching for him, I was done for. I was hooked, and he was following straight along.
We were forbidden. Two centuries of hate had a way of morphing people. But our forbidden love only seemed to make it more enticing.

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