The Wolves of Dumnonia Saga Box Set (1-3) by Peter Fox

The Wolves of Dumnonia Saga Box Set

The Wolves of Dumnonia Saga Box Set by Peter Fox (#1-3)
English | 2020 | Historical Fiction | ePUB| 2.2 MB

A kingdom seized. Two surviving princes, separated by fate and distance. One seeks revenge, the other, belonging. Set in the turbulent Viking Age and inspired by events recorded in the medieval Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Wolves of Dumnonia saga recounts the twilight years of the British kingdom of Dumnonia. We follow the lives of the heirs, Aneurin and Caelin, who are symbolized by the two wolves of their family’s royal standard. Separated in childhood during their treacherous uncle’s violent conquest of Dumnonia, the brothers have led utterly different lives as they have grown into manhood. A mystical strand of awareness binds them, however, and as the saga progresses, their paths begin to converge as each seeks out the other. Both wolven kin are driven by the same unwavering purpose: to one day return to their homeland and together reclaim their stolen kingdom. This Box Set brings together the first 3 books of the series: Shadow of Fenir, A Thrall’s Crown, and Wolf of Dumnonia.

1. The Shadow Of Fenrir
A promise sealed in blood; broken. The wrath of Fenrir unleashed.

Rescued as an infant from the wreckage of his boat, Caelin ap Cadwyr has come to be raised as a Norseman, far from his homeland, his family and his destiny. Given a new name – Rathulf Thorvaldarsson – the orphaned Briton is unaware that his chosen path as a Viking warrior is soon to be thrown wildly off course. While aware of his British ancestry, one secret has remained hidden from Rathulf throughout his life; but when it comes time to reveal the truth, Rathulf’s father, fearing the loss of his son, defies the will of the Gods. He breaks the blood pact sealed after the rescue of the babe, unintentionally setting off a chain of events that will leave Rathulf fighting not just for his identity, but for life itself.

2. A Thrall’s Crown
A pact with the Devil. A truth revealed.

Saeric, recently escaped slave, is running for his life. Weakened by years of thralldom and hindered by the iron chains that bind his ankles, he succumbs to his exhaustion, to be found by a new master, Heremund of Scirburne; himself a man with a shadowy past. Saeric’s brief taste of freedom is snuffed out, and with it, his dreams of avenging his family. His only hope is his brother, who he prays will find him before it’s too late. In far away Norvegr, Rathulf has set sail on a rescue mission. All thoughts of Dumnonia are far from his mind as the Wave Skimmer turns into his friend Leif’s home fjord. But all is not as it should be, and elation quickly turns to dread as the curse of Fenrir strikes again.

3. Wolf Of Dumnonia
A boyhood lost. A kingdom to claim.

Entering Viking mahood is no easy feat, and Rathulf Thorvaldarsson’s journey has been harder than most, as everything he once knew to be true is torn away by malicious Gods and mortals. Most of all, Norse-raised Rathulf struggles to accept the inevitability of his royal British heritage, as visions of his long-dead brother continue to haunt him. Then a shocking betrayal, exposed in the wake of Rathulf’s birthday celebrations, sets off a chain of events that forces Rathulf to confront his birthright once and for all.

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