The Woman in Green by Jack Todd

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The Woman in Green by Jack Todd
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

During a driving Christmas Eve snowstorm in Montreal, a young woman in a green dress appears at the door of a young Austrian psychiatrist studying in Montreal. They have met only once, but she has come to him fleeing two thugs who are in hot pursuit. By Christmas morning, she has vanished. A few days after, he reads a newspaper story saying that she had been murdered hours BEFORE she appeared at his door, triggering a mystery he will pursue over seven years and two continents and through a World War.

Part ghost story, part romantic mystery and part historical novel, The Woman in Green will hold you spellbound with a superb display of the storyteller’s art. Hanna Goss is the woman in green, a young Austrian soprano whose fame has sent her on a North American tour. Dr. Maximilian Balsano is a young Austrian physician and psychoanalyst, a protegée of Dr. Sigmund Freud who has come to Montreal to work with one of Freud’s principal critics, the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Percival Hyde, heir to a shipping fortune and one of the wealthiest individuals in North America.

When Hanna vanishes, Maxim sets out to solve the mystery of her disappearance with the assistance of a big Irish detective named Jem Doyle and Jem’s Hungarian wife Sophie, who pulls Maxim into the warm circle of Sophie’s Café. Before the mystery is unraveled, Maxim, desperately in love with the vanished soprano, has spent the war years as a surgeon on the Italian front and returned to Vienna to work with his mentor, Dr. Freud, whose help he enlists to solve the mystery that has come to dominate his life.

Based very loosely on the great 19th century novel The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins, The Woman in Green offers an unforgettable reading experience, packed with romance, history and mystery.

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