The World Shaker by Abby Dewsnup

The World Shaker

The World Shaker by Abby Dewsnup
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 280 Kb

The World Shaker : In a world known only as the Fringe, young Anya of the Cave-Dwellers has yet to step foot outside of her underground society. Following the disappearance of her parents, she becomes entangled as a Light Smuggler, stealing light from the cracks in the earth so her people can fight off the Stygian shadows that plague them at night. Whispers of a strange vigilante known as the World Shaker promise the overthrow of a kingdom, and when Anya is offered the chance to travel above ground on a dangerous mission, she finds herself in the center of a falling empire, whispered prophecies, and dangerous entities. Aided by the boy Jay with mysteries of his own, Anya must rise with the dawn and discover the truth of the World Shaker before darkness falls and the Fringe is cloaked once more. . .

“I want to see the dragons in the sky,” he said in a fervent whisper. “I want to be one of the brave ones who slay them.”

I laughed, my voice echoing off the stone walls. “The bravest men were dragon riders. They didn’t slay them.”

James’ eyes widened at the accidental wisdom. “One day, I will ride one.”

Sometimes I wondered if I was making the right choice by staying in the Caves. We were Cave-Dwellers, after all. James and I weren’t meant to stand beneath the sun, only steal its warmth with trembling fingers, deep beneath the earth.

His dark hands found mine to keep himself from stumbling. James and I had a darker complexion than most, which is due to the fact that our mother had skin like the day and my father had skin like the night, which I suppose could be a beautiful metaphor if I only found the time to write it.

I haven’t had time for much of anything since their departure. I was seventeen, almost of the age to hold my own registered light-giving orb, and soon I would need to present my citizenship to the Elders. The Elders expected my parents to be in attendance. I doubted they knew my parents were gone, or that I already had my own stolen orb.”

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