The Would-be Witch by Rita Boucher

The Would-be Witch

The Would-be Witch by Rita Boucher (Enchanted Heiresses #1)
English |2021 | Historical Romance| ePUB | 3.0 MB

Miranda Wilton seemingly has everything, birth, breeding and beauty, yet she finds herself on the threshold of spinsterhood. Because she carries the heritage of the Merlin, her family demands she marry among those who share his supernatural blood, but no mage will willingly wed a woman without magical powers. When the cards predict that a wedding is possible, Miranda agrees to brave the social whirl of a London Season.

Adam, Lord Brand, has dedicated himself to unmasking London’s legions of frauds who fleece the gullible by claiming to traffic in the mystical world. Miranda poses an intriguing conundrum. Unlike most charlatans, she claims no powers of her own, seeks no financial gain, but she truly believes that magic exists. Adam is determined to prove that her faith in enchantment is a misbegotten fairy tale. But as the skeptic lord finds himself falling under Miranda’s spell, he begins to acknowledge that there might very well be forces that transcend his understanding and that love is the greatest power of them all.

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