The Wounded Yarrow by Olga Geiling (ePUB)(MOBI)

The Wounded Yarrow by Olga Geiling

English | 2017 | Action/Adventure | Series: N/A| 905 KB

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Will Rebecca Fielding be willing to pay it, though?

Due to poor results, the biotech lab Rebecca works for discontinues a project that could have saved the life of her terminally-ill twelve-year-old sister Amy. The young scientist, fiercely set on rescuing the precious little girl, refuses to accept the decision, and despite explicit orders from her boss, sets out to re-test, only to find litters discarded and evidence gone.

Rebecca’s growing suspicions are confirmed by an ex-colleague, Ron Patterson, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances only a week before and now comes out of hiding to seek her help. Not only has this project been manipulated; there are gruesome things happening within the company that have to be stopped. If she brings proof of the CEO’s illegal activities from a subsidiary lab in India and helps clear Patterson’s name, he will give her the documents that are the key to saving Amy.

Accompanied by her best friend, Christopher, Rebecca sets out across the globe to retrieve the requested proof, unaware just how deep a mess she has gotten herself into. What had seemed like a simple task becomes a fight for the lives of all those she cares about.