There Goes My Heart by Bella Andre

There Goes My Heart

There Goes My Heart by Bella Andre (Maine Sullivans)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 390 Kb

There Goes My Heart : Rory Sullivan, a renowned artisan woodworker, has no plans to fall in love anytime soon. Especially not with Zara Mirren, who shares a converted warehouse space with him in Bar Harbor, Maine. While she is a brilliant maker–the eyeglasses frames she designs are practically works of art–everything else about her drives him bonkers. The way she’s always whistling cheesy pop songs off-key. The way her half-drunk cups of coffee litter every available countertop. And especially the way he can’t take his eyes off her whenever she enters a room…or stop thinking about her after she leaves.

Zara loves everything about her career–designing and manufacturing bright, fun glasses frames fulfills both the creative and technical sides of her brain. The only downside to coming to work is bumping into irritating, far-too-handsome-for-his-own-good Rory Sullivan…even if she secretly enjoys the zingers they throw at each other. On the plus side, thinking up new ways to torment Rory on a daily basis has helped Zara stop dwelling on the fact that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her stepsister.

But when Zara learns that her ex and her stepsister have just become engaged, she’s doubly stunned by Rory’s suggestion to go as her pretend boyfriend to their engagement party, in a one-night truce where they’ll be a team rather than adversaries. Only, when it turns out that the sparks between them disguise a deeper passion–and bigger emotional connection–than either has ever known, will both Rory and Zara end up losing their hearts to the last person they could have imagined?

“I can’t wait to hear it,” he said.

Again, it seemed wisest to take another drink before speaking. When she put the empty glass down, it wobbled on its base and started to tip. Before she could get her hand to obey her brain’s instructions to reach for it, Rory had righted the glass.

“My stepsister just got engaged,” she said. He raised an eyebrow, obviously waiting for her to explain why this wasn’t fantastic news. “To my ex-boyfriend.” His other eyebrow went up, but he remained silent, as though he knew instinctively that wasn’t the end of the story. “I found them in bed together a year ago.”

That was when she had decided to leave Camden and move to Bar Harbor. Camden was too small a town—she kept running into the happy couple in the grocery store, and the coffee shop, and while filling her car with gas. Two weeks after she’d discovered their affair, she’d packed up her things and headed north.

Rory didn’t look like he pitied her, thankfully, though he did note, “That sucks.”

It did. Of course it did. But Zara had been down similar roads with her stepsister for fifteen years now, albeit on a less grand scale. She didn’t blame Brittany for being beautiful and fashionable and irresistible to all men everywhere. Instead, Zara tried to tell herself she was grateful that Brittany had helped her see Cameron’s true colors before she got in too deep. Now her stepsister was stuck with him. Good riddance.

Besides, she’d been through far worse things than this. Her stepsister and her ex getting married would be a walk in the park compared to the loss of her mom when she was fourteen.

Zara shrugged. “They’re good together. Better than he and I ever were. It’s no big deal.” At least, it wouldn’t be once she’d had more to drink.”


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