Thieves of Weirdwood by Christian McKay Heidicker AKA William Shivering

Thieves of Weirdwood

Thieves of Weirdwood by Christian McKay Heidicker AKA William Shivering (Weirdwood #1)
English | 2020 | YA Fantasy | ePUB | 16.5 MB

For fans of The Five Kingdoms and Rick Riordan comes a brand-new illustrated fantasy series about two kid thieves who are plunged into a battle between the Real and Imaginary worlds! Action, laughs, and monsters beyond imagining abound!

Beware Your Imagination . . .
Twelve-year-old thieves Arthur and Wally are determined to steal their way up the ranks of the notorious Black Feathers gang. With loan sharks chasing after Arthur’s father and Wally’s brother’s hospital bill due, they’re in need of serious cash. Fast.

When Arthur spots some wealthy strangers exiting a seemingly deserted mansion, he smells an opportunity for a big score. Little do the boys realize, they’ve stumbled upon Weirdwood Manor, the headquarters of a magical order who protect the Balance between the Real and Imaginary worlds. When Kingsport is besieged by nightmarish creatures, it’s up to a pair of thieves to save their city.
Filled with giant tentacle monsters and heroes literally ripped from the pages of adventure stories, this imagination-bending series is perfect for fans of Keeper of the Lost Cities, Aru Shah, and Nevermoor.

“Comfortable?” the doctor asked.

Wally Cooper adjusted himself on the hard, leather chair. The office shone dully under the new electrics. A chill seeped from the marble hallway, and the occasional scream echoed from the cells. How could anyone feel comfortable in Greyridge Mental Hospital?

“Um, yes, sir,” he said.

“Good,” the doctor said. He flipped open a file bearing the name of Wally’s older brother. “Let’s see here … Graham Cooper. Ah, yes. Our resident artist.” He gave Wally a flat smile. “Though I prefer paintings of flowers myself. Or a bowl of fruit. None of your brother’s outlandish landscapes. How about you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Ever since Wally could remember, his brother had drawn pictures. There had been no cause for concern until Graham had started sketching his otherworldly works on the sides of public buildings, catching the attention of the Oakers, who promptly arrested him. Before the Pox had taken Graham and Wally’s parents, their mom had asked Graham why he couldn’t use paper like everyone else. Graham had answered that paper wasn’t big enough.

I’m practicing my portals, he’d said.

The doctor shut the file and adjusted his glasses at Wally. “Your brother’s condition is worsening, I’m afraid. He’s having grand delusions about his role in a citywide conspiracy. Something about Rifts and Fae-born. When I asked what sort of evidence he has to back up these claims, he told me that he can see into the future.” The doctor sighed. “If you aren’t able to pay your brother’s bill within the next week, the board will be forced to nominate him for some of our more experimental treatments.”

Wally crossed his arms to keep them from shaking. “W-what are you gonna do to him?”

“Oh, nothing to be concerned about,” the doctor said, avoiding Wally’s eyes. “Some electrical shocks. Administering medication that hasn’t made it to market yet. Perhaps a tiny hole in the back of the skull to release pressure on the brain.”

Wally nodded. Or thought he did. His whole body had gone numb. This was it. The doctors were going to hurt Graham. Just as their mom had feared.

“Any questions?” the doctor asked.

Wally wanted to ask how his brother’s condition was worsening. Graham seemed like the same old Graham. Sure, he had his delusions, but he wasn’t hurting anyone. He was just drawing his landscapes on the walls of his cell, using dirt and cobwebs as naturally as if they were ink.

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