Thirst for Sin by Kennedy Layne

Thirst for Sin

Thirst for Sin by Kennedy Layne (Touch of Evil Book 1)
English |2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.6 MB

Brooklyn Sloane works as a special consultant to the FBI as one of the most adept profilers in the agency’s history. She had been recruited at a relatively young age from her career in academics, but her colleagues have no idea the disturbing motive for her success.
While her current investigation into a cold-blooded serial killer garners the attention of the media, Brook is able to discover the unsub’s first kill. When a tragic shooting takes place involving one of the agents assigned to the case, Brook finds herself unexpectedly out in the field searching for evidence that will eventually lead her to a viable suspect.
As Brook moves closer to her target, her own troubling past is breathing its familiar breath down the back of her neck until she finds herself at a crossroad with the very transgression that shaped her moral fiber. As her past and present collide, which one will rid her of the sin that stains her soul?

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