This is Why I’m Hot by J. D. Light

This is Why I'm Hot

This is Why I’m Hot by J. D. Light (Salacious Summer Singe Book 2)
English | 2020 | Romance MM | ePUB | 2.6 MB

What do you do when your Da backs you into a corner about getting a boyfriend? You lie.
My Da wants to marry all his boys off, and he wants to be


t’s not that I’m hoping for some grandbabies to spoil because I only ever got to raise one baby and help raise another,’ Da said, laying it on thick, his chin lifted in the air as he turned his head to the side, pouting, and I groaned quietly.

‘Hmm, somehow it seems wrong to guilt Boyd for not coming to us when he was a baby,’ Dad mumbled thoughtfully, all but stroking his chin as he contemplated the morality of Da trying to make me feel bad because he’d only gotten to diaper a couple of butts.

Da rolled his eyes, waving a hand in the air. ‘It’s not about babies. I just want to see you happy.’

Dad nodded, pointing a finger at me. ‘But if babies come from your happiness, that would be even better.’

‘That’s true,’ Da said, nodding.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or run for my life. And just where the hell was everyone? How had I managed to be the earliest to arrive, especially when I’d put so much effort into being late… because I hated to be the center of attention, even with my Dad and Da.

I loved my parents. They were seriously the best a guy could ask for. They’d only had one biological child, but because Dad had been a foster kid himself and remembered how hard it was for him being a male alpha in the system, they had decided they wanted to take in alphas. Nobody wanted to deal with an alpha when they were presenting or even once they presented for a while, since hormones and tempers tended to be high on top of whatever baggage they brought along with them from whatever had landed them in the system, but not only had they decided to foster and then adopt me, they’d adopted six other alpha boys, even after their biological son Cole presented as alpha.

It had been a wild ride, and we had scars to prove it––from each other, not our parents––but every single one of us would say that once we were claimed by Mark and Devon Foster, we only knew happiness.

‘I’m only twenty-six,’ I grumbled, glancing toward the front door. I still had plenty of time for marriage and babies… Though, I wasn’t really sure if those things were in the cards for me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to find an omega that I could have children with and grow old with. I wanted that kind of love, the kind of love my parents had. I just didn’t know how someone like me was meant for something like that, when I couldn’t even speak to an omega without nearly having a meltdown.

Well, except for Hinton, but he was special. I could be myself with Hinton. He made it feel easy. I was crazy about him. Probably a bit overly attached, honestly, considering he was just doing his job. What he provided me, though completely priceless, was part of his profession. I didn’t doubt that he was genuinely a wonderful person, but he was also there because I hired him.

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