Those We Trust by Victoria Ellis, Cady Verdiramo

Those We

he Stalking of Louise Copperfield by Robert W Fisk
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 264 Kb

Those We : A chilling past. A dark kept secret. A passion that refuses to be tamed…

As a psychiatrist, Abbey Paulson knows what kind of ghosts can dwell inside a person. She finds comfort coming home each night to her dependable husband, Simon, and the simple life they share. However, Simon has been living as a man caged.

When the smart and sultry Mara Taylor moves in across the street, she quickly becomes the catalyst threatening to tear apart everything Abby thought she knew about her husband.

As Simon and Mara grow closer, a betrayal ignites into a burning obsession with life-shattering consequences. Abbey is forced to ask herself how far she’s willing to go to save her marriage. But more importantly, who can she trust?

“His last comment sent me over the edge. I wanted him badly. I wanted to read books together, to discuss them, I wanted to talk literature over coffee before class, I wanted to share my innermost thoughts with him. I wanted to converse with a man on my level instead of boys my age. He leaned toward me and put his hand at the base of my neck. I wasn’t ready for anything physical, that wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe after we formed our emotional bond, but I could fuck anyone I wanted. I just knew I wouldn’t find the connection I had with Ryan with anyone else. Guys my age only wanted one thing and I wasn’t interested in giving it away so easily. I had always known I wanted, needed, for that to be a special moment in my life. The girls I went to school with were so proud of their sexual endeavors, flaunting around in their skin tight yoga pants and crop tops, telling everyone who they gave a blow job over the weekend and how many guys they had sex with, like they should win an award or something. I wasn’t into that.

That was the moment I had been patiently waiting for. A moment I was worried wouldn’t come after the debacle in front of his house the other night. But it was finally confirmed. He wanted it just as badly as I did, maybe even more. The way he looked at me sent shivers throughout my entire body. Jesus Christ, he was perfect. I took him in. His dark-eyed gaze staring back at me, his long legs, slender torso and slightly shaggy brown hair. He smelled like something I couldn’t put my finger on but it was enticing.”

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