Three Dogma Night by Theophilus Monroe

 Three Dogma Night

Three Dogma Night (The Elven Prophecy Book 3) by Theophilus Monroe
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Two elf princesses at the same time…
For most guys, an adolescent dream come true.
For me? A total nightmare!
Another race of elf has showed up… the Drow… Exotic. Wise. And, sexy as hell!
The Drow have their own version of the elven prophecy.
They think the chosen one is destined to marry their princess!
Layla is pissed. But we received word that the elven legion has defeated the giants.
Next on their agenda? Conquer earth.
And if that wasn’t enough… an elf assassin is on my trail.
We need the Drows’ help.
Without them, I won’t be any match for the elven legion is preparing to unleash on our world.
If I can even survive long enough before they invade.

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