Time Shards by Dana Fredsti, David Fitzgerald

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Time Shards by Dana Fredsti, David Fitzgerald (Time Shards #1)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.9 MB

It’s Called “The Event,” An Unimaginable Cataclysm That Shatters 600 Million Years Of The Earth’s Timeline.

Our world is gone, instantly replaced by a new one made of scattered remnants of the past, present, and future, dropped alongside one another in a patchwork of “shards”. Monsters from Jurassic prehistory, ancient armies, and high-tech robots all coexist in this deadly post-apocalyptic landscape.

A desperate group of survivors sets out to locate the source of the disaster. They include 21st century Californian Amber Richardson, Cam, a young Celtic warrior from Roman Britannia, Alex Brice, a policewoman from 1985, and Blake, a British soldier from World War II. With other refugees from across time, they must learn the truth behind the Event, if they are to survive.


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