Tinaree: Trial By Inferno by Nic Plume


Tinaree: Trial By Inferno by Nic Plume (Shadows Of Peace Book 1)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.8 MB

When your enemy knows more about your past than you do, things get complicated.
Taylor had been trained his whole life to be the best, and is ready to do his part in Intergal’s effort to stop the Traverse’s forceful expansion across the galaxy. However, as the Academy drills into every trainee’s head:
‘The enemy gets a vote in every plan.’
But Taylor and his teammates did not join Intergal’s Special Forces to go the easy route.
Individually, the four excelled. As a team, they broke records. Now the freshly minted commandoes are ready to prove themselves in the real world and being assigned to a unit that is halfway through mission prep is just an opportunity to do so that much faster.
Then…the enemy voted…
The only survivors of an ambush that should not have been possible, on a mission they should not have been assigned to, the four rookies find themselves in the worst possible scenario; in enemy hands.
But all is not what it seems and their captor is much more than he pretends to be…However…
‘No plan survives first contact’.

The twelve members of 315th SF Unit’s First Squad were seated in pairs, three on each side of the cabin, facing their teammates across low storage bins, tied down equipment, and enough deck space to gear up and maneuver with ease. Personal gear was stored beside each seat and easily accessible with a few handgrips, well ingrained with countless hours of simulation runs.

Most of the squad were veterans of numerous missions, their equipment well broken in and adapted to personal style and preference. Some talked and joked, others meditated or checked their gear, and one even slept. But, with all the different activities going on, the veterans had one thing in common: they seemed relaxed, used to the lull of mission insertion. Mark Taylor felt rigid and nervous in comparison. Chest tight, heart racing, he had to keep reminding himself to breathe deep and slow, not hyperventilate.

‘Your challenge will not be incorporating into your unit or being accepted by your squad mates,’ the Academy trainer had said a few months before, ‘No, your first real challenge will be to quickly strike the correct balance between calm preparedness and excited expectations.

‘Too much nonchalance will kill you as quickly as tense anxiety. And you don’t want to return from your first mission in a body bag, or on a stretcher, taken down by your team because you became a liability.’

At the time, Taylor had thought neither would be a problem for him. He still didn’t, it would simply take a bit more work than he had expected.

‘They’re not as calm and collected as they seem.’

Kaydeen A’Tourie spoke softly, her voice easily carrying across the armrests between them.

‘They merely have more practice hiding it.’

Just like Kay to know what’s on my mind. Something she and Sal perfected over the last three years. But I guess that’s the cost of living and training with Din.

Taylor met Kaydeen’s hazel eyes. She was his height, with a similar athletic build, but since she was female, he usually got the flak for being the smallest on their team, and within the unit for that matter. He didn’t care. His speed and agility easily made up for whatever other people thought he lacked.



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