To Die For by N G Sanders

To Die For

To Die For by N G Sanders (And Then There Were More #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

A lover from her past. A serial killer in the present. Nine strangers are invited under false pretences to spend Christmas in an isolated mansion in the Austrian Alps. During the first night of their stay, the Christmas celebrations are put on hold as their beautiful host Anna finally shows up in an unexpected and grisly fashion. The remote, dream-like castle on the mountain suddenly becomes a nightmarish prison when their only route down, a cable car, is sabotaged. They realise they have been lured into the middle of nowhere by a maniac intent on carrying out a plan that only makes sense to him…or her. When the worst snowstorm Austria has known for a century cuts off the guests from any communication to the outside world, fear and paranoia take over. With guests turning up dead in increasingly mysterious – and frightening – circumstances, the survivors realise that they must discover the killer among them if they are to prevent their own demise.

And that just about summed it up for him. That was his life. Thirty-two now but looking twenty-five tops, and that was what counted. Beyond that, he was lost in every way that mattered. That was the reason he was out here in the middle of nowhere. Out here clinging to the past.

Beneath the healthy, friendly facade of neatly proportioned tanned aquiline features, beneath the gentle but piercing eyes like chips of sky, beneath the boy band dimples girls frequently surmised as “cute”, he was a loser.

There was no other word for it. Good looks disguised a multitude of sins and incompetent acts, for which Jack was sincerely grateful. But Jack was ever mindful that it could only do so for so long. His lifestyle wouldn’t look so attractive at forty, and wouldn’t accommodate him at fifty. Perhaps even make him a laughing stock.

He looked around the very basic room with an appraising eye. “What a shithole.”

Jack vowed that this would be the last time he’d have to settle for a room like this. Austria would afford him what Croydon wouldn’t: fame and fortune.

After he’d showered and shaved, he felt a little more like himself again, and the unease and nausea resided. He slipped into his Tommy Hilfiger jeans and straightened his Ray-bans in the bedroom mirror. With just a dab of wet-look gel to spike his closely cropped hair, the final act in his morning grooming routine, before peeling on a Diesel T-shirt that made a second skin, he exited. Jack, as always, in search of the looker in the room but unable to get Anna completely off his mind.

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