To Hunt A Magpie by Jack Gatland

 To Hunt A Magpie

To Hunt A Magpie: A thrilling British crime mystery (Detective Inspector Declan Walsh #5) by Jack Gatland
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 10 MB

I’m Jack Gatland. You might not have heard of me, but I’ve been writing under other names for over thirty years. Now, I’m writing a new series of Crime Thrillers starring Detective Inspector Declan Walsh, recently seconded to the City of London Police department known as the Last Chance Saloon.

One for sorrow… Two for death.
Thirty years ago a group of five child detectives; Tommy, Luke, Tess, Jane and Daniel, along with their dog, Dexter made the national press with their crime solving. Nicknamed the Magpies, their adventures were written up as novels by author Reginald Troughton and released to children around the world, including a ten-year old Declan Walsh.
But now, someone is targeting the Magpies, with Reginald brutally murdered while writing a last, ‘lost’ adventure. And DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon must not only solve Reginald’s murder with the ‘help’ of these rusty amateurs, but at the same time save the surviving members of the Magpies from a devious and determined killer with a chilling connection.
But while they do this, the team will also delve into a decades old conspiracy – one that suggests that the Magpies were created as a Government PR stunt gone wrong, and that there were more Magpies, missing ones, dying in tragic circumstances but never acknowledged…

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