To Kill A Witch by Christopher Patterson

To Kill A Witch

To Kill A Witch by Christopher Patterson (Holy Warriors Book 1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

To Kill A Witch : Charged with serving God as a Holy Warrior…blessing or curse?
Three warriors hear the Lord’s call, a calling to fight evil and the Devil’s minions…to subdue all the monsters people believe aren’t real.
Evil poisons the land. Thaddeus can smell its very presence. He has been fighting the forces of evil for so long, it is like a second nature to him. Now, he–along with his companions, Asaf and Gunnar–has been called to England, in the midst of post-Norman conquest turmoil.
Something, or someone, powerful has infiltrated Norman nobility as King William II–William Rufus–struggles to subdue the conquered Anglo-Saxon people, appease his own Norman citizens, and deal with his brother Robert–still in France. And those who are the victims of this poison? The common people. The God-fearing, hard-working, law-abiding people of this new, unified England, whether Saxon, Norman, Danish, or Welsh. All the while, talk of unrest in the Holy Land consumes the minds of holy men and adventure seekers alike.
Thaddeus must race to stop the spread of evil in a fragmented land, while struggling with his own inner turmoil and conflicts.
Will evil win the day…or can the Holy Warriors stop its poisonous spread?

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