To The Dogs by Andrew Dudek (ePUB) (MOBI)

To The Dogs by Andrew Dudek
English |Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror | Series: (Dave Carver Book 2) | 1.1 MB

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Dave Carver doesn’t wear a suit of armor or ride a white horse. Sometimes he saves pretty maidens, though. Dave is a Knight of the Round Table, and it’s his job to protect the people of New York City from the monsters most of us have forgotten existed.

When Dave is called to a cemetery to investigate the site of what looks like a magic spell gone wrong, he finds himself confronted with a demon from the Otherside.

He’s already in over his head, but along the way, Dave will have to contend with a reluctant teenage werewolf, a seductive young sorceress, a squad of half-demon zealots, and an evil witch with a strange connection to his past.